Trump Stained Underwear – Easy Tiger Corp

Trump Stained Underwear

It's no secret that the English aren't a fan of Donald Trump, however over here at Easy Tiger Corp we admire him because he's loud and brash and seems like the kind of person who follows through.  

Our new Trump Stained Underwear, is our way of tipping our scat to the future President of The World. If you're wondering why Trump's stain is more orange than those on our regular Pre-Stained Underwear, that's because we reckon the stain like the man himself is half bronzer.

All profits on these, of which there are unlikely to be any given the nature of the product, will go to the Easy Tiger Corp legal defence fund for when we inevitably get sued.

* Stain printed on the outside of the underwear.  If you would prefer it on the inside, or you don't want our logo on the front of the pants or you just wanna say hi, drop us a message in the "special instructions" box at checkout.

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