FAQs – Easy Tiger Corp


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Q. Are the stains on your clothing real?
A. God no. The stains on our clothing are "artistic" (we use this word loosely) representations of what your clothing might look like if you had a slap dash approach to personal hygiene. If the stains were real there would be health issues. It did cross our minds to do it that way though.
Q. I’m worried that I’m not cool enough to carry this off. What are your thoughts?
A. You're probably right.
Q. Is this website a joke?
A. That depends on whether we make any sales I guess.  We really do sell this stuff though if that's what you're wondering.
Q. I think Pre-Stained Underwear is a terrible and vulgar idea.
A. It is. 
Q. I noticed there's a couple other sites on the internet selling Pre-Stained underwear. 
A. I don't understand it but amazingly we have imitators.  
Q. I have a question/I want to send you hate mail.