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About Us

Launched in June of 2009, Easy Tiger Corp was actually conceived 8 years previously when owner Phil Watson found a horribly skidded pair of panties while doing his laundry at the University of Waterloo. The underwear's owner, who can't be named for legal reasons, quickly developed the nickname "Skids" in the halls of residence and very shortly afterwards transferred to a different university. Feeling guilty for naming and shaming the girl, Philip came up with the idea for Easy Tiger's Pre-Stained Underwear. Philip reasoned that if she had been wearing underwear that came pre-stained she would have had an excuse for the awful state of it.

In early 2010 after the departure of one of the other co-founders (and main hard work doer) and having accomplished all of his life goals up until that point by getting shat all over by Vice, Phil put Easy Tiger Corp into an extended hibernation. During this period Phil concentrated on other projects such as refereeing Roller Derby, creating the dead on arrival website "Fresh Dick or Grizzled Penis", and inspired by Nathan Fielder's business advice, baiting dog lovers with his utterly terrible "band" Math Party, among other things.

In 2014 Easy Tiger Corp relaunched, and in November 2015 was featured on the British television show The Money Pit

Easy Tiger Corp is based in London, England.