**PRESS RELEASE** October 10 2014

The Pre-Stained Underwear Company, Easy Tiger Corp Returns
Easy Tiger Corp returns after 5 Years of product development with "The Sh*t Sandwich"
Easy Tiger Corp would like to announce its relaunch after 5 years of product development, refinement, and polishing with it's new product "The Sh*t Sandwich". The Sh*t Sandwich is a pair of our famous Pre-Stained Underwear, placed between two slices of bread and sent to someone of your choosing with a note letting them know they need to work on their personal hygiene.
According to owner, and Creative Director, Philip Watson "We originally were hoping people would wear our Pre-Stained Underwear as a lifestyle choice but it turns out people were just buying the underwear as gifts to embarrass their friends and relatives with.  As a result we have decided to address this market formally with the Easy Tiger Corp Sh*t Sandwich."
Easy Tiger Corp was originally launched in June of 2009 however it was conceived of 8 years prior to that when Philip found an absolutely horrifying pair of ladies underwear while doing laundry at university in Canada. The underwear's owner, who cannot be named for legal reasons, quickly developed the nickname "Skids" in the halls of residence and very shortly afterwards transferred to a different university. Feeling guilty for naming and shaming her, Philip came up with the idea for Easy Tiger's Pre-Stained Underwear. He reasoned that if she had been wearing underwear that came pre-stained she would have had an excuse for the awful state of her underwear.
In early 2010 after the departure of one of the other co-founders and having accomplished all of his life goals up until that point by getting shat all over by Alex Miller the Editor in Chief of Vice UK, Phil took Easy Tiger Corp back to the drawing board.
Easy Tiger Corp are makers of Pre-Stained Underwear that free people from the embarrassment of having dirty underwear by selling them already dirty and thus making it a personal decision to wear soiled clothing and not a source of embarrassment.